Wednesday, March 14, 2012

tips for taking a trip to Guna Yala

We're planning a camping trip to Guna Yala and I thought of a few useful tips that I didn't mention in my Guna Yala post.

  • If you are going for the day, leave as early as you can. I think the prices are very fair, but you pay to enter the comarca, you pay to leave your car at the dock, you pay for the boat and finally, you pay to be on an island. Make a full day of it.
  • The road to Carti is a winding, mountainous road. If you are prone to motion sickness you probably won't feel well. Come prepared.
  • Bring your ID. If you are foreign, bring your passport and make sure your tourist visa is not expired. There is a SENAFRONT (border police) post before the dock at Carti.
  • There are life jackets on the boats (all regular adult sizes, and some in better shape than others). But if you are traveling with small children, I would recommend bringing your own child-sized life jackets. 
  • The boat drivers have snorkels to rent, but if you have your own bring them. Especially for kids--the snorkels on the boats are usually adult-sized and a little manky.
  • Reef shoes are not necessary, but are excellent to have. My kids love their reef shoes and would not enjoy the beach, especially the Caribbean side, half as much as they do without reef shoes. 

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