Wednesday, March 28, 2012

run the risk

as you can see it's pretty flat
I'm doing my training for a trail race in the middle of the city. There are a couple of hilly places to run in Panama, but for a real trail run you need to drive out of town. So my regular weeknight runs are on flat, city streets. I do the alpine workout on the elliptical at the gym (of which I am the boss of, by the way) but I have some apprehension about how well I will be prepared to race on a trail in the mountains.

And last night I wiped out (bit it quite spectacularly). Scraped my shoulder and shin and skinned my knee and elbow (I look a mess). I was running on a straight stretch of street. I think I might have tripped on a loose rock (there was a lot of debris on the street last night). But it worries me. I am a klutz. Will I really be ready for a trail run at the end of April?

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  1. Hi Laura!

    My wife and I just moved to Panama City from Seattle, we've been here about a week. While in Seattle I used to do quite a bit of trail running, and did a few ultras while we lived out west. I had to take about a year off of running, but now that we in PC and I have a little more control over my schedule I really want to get back to trail running. Could you possibly recommend some trails, or even better any events in Panama this year?? If you get a minute, feel free to email me any time at

    Thanks Laura!