Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday afternoon Casco Viejo

We went down to Casco Viejo to see some streel theatre in Plaza Catedral. It was part of a performing arts that is going on right now and the show was really good.
clowns from Argentina

After the show we got ice cream and wandered around.
city view
ruins on the beach
the shady way
the lady with an iguana on  her shoulder
so many pretty things
gathering her wares
the guy with the banjo played a little calypso
the bridge

tango on the saxophone
It was a very satisfying couple of hours. And the light was so lovely as we walked back to the car...


  1. Gorgeous. I've never heard of a mola before. What are they used for?

    1. molas are panels with intricate reverse applique that are part of the Kuna woman's traditional costume. They are sold as handicrafts all over Panama. The wikipedia explication is here: