Tuesday, February 28, 2012

back to school

Summer vacation is over.

My daughters bubbled with optimism as they prepared their school bags on Sunday night. I will be more organized. I won't lose all my pencils in the first week. I will keep my sweater clean. New teachers, new friends--all that possibility. I love the first day of school.

But I was really sad to see the vacation end. We had become obscenely lazy and so comfortable in our pajamas--records may have been set. Yes I miss them--my companions in summer sloth.

The power went out right after they left on Monday. The silence underlined their absence and made me a little maudlin. Time is passing too fast and my babies are growing up... Not that I miss Selena Gomez, or LMFAO, or their bickering. Oh the bickering; it was becoming excruciating. I had to explain the meaning of the expression familiarity breeds contempt the other day. I used their escalation from sly pinching and poking in the car, to the steady squeal of teasing and taunting that their father and I have had to endure. School, at least, gives me a break from that.

I love the first day of school.

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