Friday, February 10, 2012

5 observations and kale smoothies

  1. We watched the coverage of the police breaking up the roadblocks on Sunday with dismay. While the road is open, the issue is far from resolved. Through all of this unrest, the general chief of the Ngabe Bugle has stood out like a beacon of dignity and calm. Silvia Carrera is definitely my new hero; she stood firm in the face of violence, lies and sweaty bungling by the government. It's not hard to see why her people chose her.
  2. I've watched more local news on TV in the last week than I normally do in a year. Despite my urges, I did not turn on the TV this morning. I am going back to the internet for my news, it does not suck me in the way the TV does.
  3. We received our copy of Hades: Lord of the Dead this week. We are huge fans of this series. My girls particularly liked Persephone in this retelling. And I have to agree that the Demeter and Persephone story-line is good. I'm not sure about Hades though, I've always thought of him as more treacherous and complex--he's sort of misunderstood-emo-brother to Zeus in this retelling and I'm not sure I like it.
  4. It's dry and windy and yet my house is full of mosquitos. I wish I knew where they were coming from. They don't fumigate at this time of year so the mosquitos seem worse now than they did in the rainy season.
  5. I like this:

In an effort to cure myself, I have been having daily kale smoothies. I don't have a very fancy blender, so I think any blender powerful enough to crush ice will work.

When we go to Pricesmart (which is not very often) we buy the big bags of frozen strawberries and blueberries as a treat. So we've had frozen strawberries and blueberries this past week, but usually we stick to bananas and orange juice.

Kale Smoothie
3-4 normal bananas 6-8 small bananas
fresh squeezed orange juice
bunch of kale
whatever other fruit you like--fresh or frozen
If you are using no, or only a little, frozen fruit add some ice cubes.

Wash and chop the Kale fine. Add the kale and orange juice to the blender first and then put the fruit on top. The juice should cover the kale completely.
Blend, and enjoy.
If you want it to be green, don't use blueberries!

Oh, and you might not think it would be, but it's delicious!

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