Monday, August 1, 2011

10 K race ran

So I dragged my kids and husband out of bed early on Sunday to watch me race.  It was a beautiful sunny morning (it had rained all day Saturday).  I had a good run, not spectacular, but good, steady.  My goals were humble: to finish, and to not be out there more than an hour.  I was successful, even with a stomach ache that came on in the last kilometre.

This was only my second race and it kind of stressed me out.  I didn't sleep well the night before and the press of runners at the starting gate made me feel anxious.  Not a little anxious, but nervous tick, weirdo-anxious.  But as uncomfortable as I was, once we started, and runners spread out, the running was good, and the home stretch satisfying.  I totally get why people run races.  I hope I can learn to shake the nervousness though.   The 15K race is on August 28 and I would love to get a decent sleep the night before.

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