Monday, August 8, 2011

clouds over Casco

We didn't make it to the beach this weekend but we got over to Casco Viejo for a walk.  We really never tire if it; there's always a building or alley we hadn't noticed before.  The clouds were very dramatic but we didn't get rained on.  It's my rule that we go somewhere that is not the mall on Sunday.

But it's a miracle I got out of the house at all this weekend.  I started reading A Song of Ice and Fire a couple of weeks ago and I am so caught up in it.  I kind of avoid this kind of thing because I know myself, and I am like an addict with a good fantasy series--I cannot stop until it's done and everything else takes a backseat to the books.  I skulk off at every opportunity to read; it is shameful and not very adult.  I begged off The Smurfs because of laundry, but really I just saw it as an opportunity to read.  Anyway I'm totally loving it--I was just thinking I should get book four loaded onto the kindle so it's all ready for me when I get home from teaching tonight.

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