Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a birthday toast

It was my husband's birthday yesterday and we have three, established birthday traditions at our house.  One is champagne.  The champagne definitely comes from my Argentinian in-laws, I did not grow up with a champagne toast at every birthday (I am not complaining--I love this tradition!).  Another tradition is a homemade cake.  I usually try something overly ambitious that ends up being mostly a yummy mess.  This year I attempted a meringue torte that only kind of worked (I need to keep working on my meringue).  And the final tradition is random numbers of candles (or number candles) on the cake.  I never remember to buy candles and we always end up using what's in the back of the cutlery drawer (my husband is neither fifteen nor fifty-one--he would want me to clarify that).   After the cake and champagne this year we went out.

We went to a play.  We always enjoy theatre and it had been a while, so we decided to check out a new play.  Unfortunately, it wasn't very good.  The actor's were so young and hopeful, that we would have died of guilt had we ducked out at the intermission (and I'm telling you I wanted to).  We stuck it out.  The play really dragged and there was some physical theatre elements that were just embarrassing.  One actress had this swooshy, hair waving thing that made me cringe every time she did it.  Oh well, they took a risk and that is something.  It wasn't a perfect birthday, but we did get a few snarky laughs out of it on the way home.

Happy Birthday D!

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