Monday, May 21, 2012

running with the girls

My husband took the above picture at the race on Sunday. I like this picture. Me and my girls... we look strong and ready to take on the world, just the three of us. In fact, we've just deemed the porta-johns to dirty to use, and are talking about going home to use the toilet (can you hold it that long etc...) The picture is also strangely empty and is in no way an accurate representation of how the race was. Which was more like this:

But I like that first picture. I think I like it because it is true without being an accurate record of events.

So the race was great. It is fun to run with just women. My daughter did really well. We didn't run together, so I got to watch her cross the finish line and that was a very proud moment. I am not super fast but I really enjoy running in races, and it was nice to share that with her. I don't think she'll take up running, she already has enough going on with swimming, but I think I'll be able to talk her into the occasional 5K. And next year I'm hoping my younger daughter will join us at this race too.

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