Monday, January 23, 2012

el charco

El Charco is a hiking trail and swimming hole in Soberanía National Park (25 km from the city).On Sunday we walked the short hiking trail and had a picnic. While we were eating we saw some capuchin monkeys. The trail is short, 15 minutes--I'm not sure what the exact distance is. It is a very easy hike but you have to cross a small creek in two places so be prepared to take off your shoes or wear something that can get wet.

The swimming hole is a pool where the creek has been damned. There's a picnic area with bathrooms and places to barbeque. On Sunday it was packed. But I imagine it's empty during the week, and I know it's less busy after summer vacation is over. We like it best during the rainy season when the pool is a little fuller and the waterfall a little bigger. But during the rainy season, the trail is muddier and the little creeks you have to cross are fuller.
March 2009, we had it all to ourselves
Our kids love this spot and I would really recommend it for families. Kids under twelve get in free and residents pay one dollar. I always forget to check the price foreigners, but I think it's three dollars.

Take a picnic and your bathing suit!

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