Monday, September 12, 2011

a minor procedure

Mowgli Von Bogler
  We had a quiet weekend.  The most notable thing that happened was we got our cat neutered  (poor fella).  I think sterilization must be that cat-equivalent of alien abduction.  The what the.... look on his face when he woke up from the anaesthesia was kind of unmistakable.  I feel a little bad for him, but there are a lot of strays in our neighbourhood and he seemed to be getting his butt kicked fairly regularly out on the street.  I hope this curbs his urges and keeps him out of fights.  Also, I'm not interested in contributing to an already out of control cat population.  He had his procedure at Spay Panama, a wonderful organization that does sterilization clinics all over the country as well as their regular clinics here in the city.

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