Friday, July 8, 2011

on the mend

luckily, there's this in my yard because we sure haven't gone anywhere lately.

It's been a weird couple of weeks.  I've either been looking after someone sick or have been sick myself.  The fevers are all gone but we are a tired lot.  No one is eating as they usually do.  It's hard to cook when you don't feel like eating and we've been surviving on the plainest, simplest food imaginable (toast anyone?).  Every day I try to come up with something enticing, but nothing appeals to me.  The doctor said it takes a couple of weeks to fully get over a virus like this.   I look forward to feeling normal and feeling hungry.

I didn't run the 8k race I was signed up for on Sunday.  I did not feel very well and my husband was at his sickest.  It was disappointing but there's a 10k race in a month so I'm just setting my sights on that.   I'm better, but it's been really hard to get back into training.  There's a running mantra, "pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."  And boy do I suffer after a few days off.  I know it's all in my head, but honestly I always feel like I'm going to die the first day back.  My body reverts to its natural slothful state and protests wildly, "oh, god, this again?  I thought we had stopped doing this."  Last night there were a lot of people out running.  It was a beautiful evening and all I could think of was how my stomach hurt, and my foot hurt, and my back felt tight, and how everyone seemed to be going faster than me.  It  was full on suffering and I could not stop.  So much of running is in your head which is one of the great things about it but also one of the worst things about it.

I'm hoping to get my running groove back this weekend.  I also hope to get my appetite back.  I've been looking at recipes online all morning and nothing is tempting me.  (This is the reason I haven't blogged all week--whining, that's all I got.  Sorry.)  Next week will be better.

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