Monday, June 6, 2011


I've been running pretty regularly for a couple of years.  I alternate between keen and lazy; lately I've been lazy.  I don't know why, I just kind of lost my running mojo, and lately any excuse not to run has kept me out of my runners.  Back in January I made a list of goals for 2011.  It included all kinds of things like: start a blog, eat dim sum at the place around the corner, organize the kids' closets, and run a half marathon.  So even though I've totally been dragging my butt lately, I ran the first race in a series that culminates in a half marathon in October.  The race was on the Cinta Costera which is the waterfront.
There were a thousand people signed up for this race so it was kind of big and scary (my first race ever). But it was fun.  It was a spectacular morning and I enjoyed myself.  My time wasn't impressive (30 min) but I think I got my running mojo back.
The race got me on track for my half marathon goal for this year and it had another unexpected result.  My husband finally joined the gym and went (he's been talking about it for months!).
 Which reminds me of the bigger reasons to run.  Fitness and heath are totally important but the example I set for my kids is probably  the most important.  I would love to teach my daughters strength, energy and joy.  And if it's possible to teach by example, running lets me do that.

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