Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's

So we are not big celebrators of the day.   The armloads of roses being sold at every traffic light are lovely, but not really my thing.  I do love to speculate about the men buying those traffic light, roses (for his wife, mistress, maybe his mom...).  For me, a good bottle of wine and some homemade cards from my kids are preferable to roses (I'd like to think he cares enough to get out of the car!).  And I do like to make something sweet for my darlings.  This year, I made a Red Velvet Cake (as red as any street corner rose!).  I'd never heard of this cake, and I kept seeing it on different food blogs; It looked so pretty I had to try it.

 Now, I think when I was a kid, people put red food colouring into Devil's Food Cake.  Devil's Food is very similar to Red Velvet, but chocolatier, and I don't think anyone puts colouring into it anymore--it's reddish enough from the cocoa-baking soda-vinegar reaction.  I'm not really into food colouring, and the recipe called for 2 oz of the stuff!!  I made it with 1 oz and I think the results were sufficiently red.

I'm not going to link the recipe because I didn't actually like it that much.  It's very pretty, but too sweet and not enough chocolate for me.  In the end, I kind of felt all that beautiful, cream cheese, frosting was wasted on a mediocre cake.  Oh yeah, and if you thought that frosting this cake, and eating great, glopping,  tablespoons of frosting, and then going for a run would give you terrible heartburn, you'd be right.

 Happy Day!

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