Saturday, June 16, 2012

5 observations

  1. Twice a week I take a taxi to my volunteer teaching gig in Casco Viejo. Yesterday I had a particularly awesome taxi. It was shared and without air-conditioning (yes, I did arrive to my class with my shirt stuck to my back) but as you can see, it did have some impressive decoration to recommend it. One thing I like about taking taxis is seeing parts of the city I'd never see otherwise. As we drove by Parque de los Aburridos in El Chorrillo (tons of guys playing dominoes) the taxi driver was telling the front seat passenger, who was Venezuelan, about Ruben Blades. The taxi driver was an enthusiastic, passionate storyteller and it was kind of like being in a Ruben Blades song.
  2. There's no hot water in our kitchen. The contracter and his plumber  keep saying it's a problem with the tap or something else that is not their fault. I want a second opinion--I'm almost certain the plumber screwed something up and is too much of a macho arse to admit it.
  3. I'm teaching Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar. This makes me happy.
  4. My daughter is on the mathletes team. It seems incredible that she is my child. How did I produce a mathlete? I'm very proud and a little intimidated by the math problems she's doing--if she doesn't understand something I really can't help her.
  5. Fiona Apple's new album is coming out this week. Possibly you're not as excited about this as I am (what's wrong with you?).

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