Sunday, April 22, 2012

catching up

Well that was kind of a crazy week!

  1. I started teaching high school again. (I teach Lit.) It's part-time and I'm happy to be back (and happy it's part-time--well I wouldn't have gone back full-time). If you can believe it, I missed teenagers. This is entirely unexpected, as I hated high school and teenagers when I was a teenager. But now I find that I enjoy them. It's all their optimism and angst--they're pretty interesting to be around.
  2. My kitchen has been demolished. Finally, the reno that's been in my head for years (since we moved into the house) is happening. The crumbling, laminate cabinets have been removed. Walls have been removed. There is a huge hole in the floor (plumbing concerns). But I could not be happier. 
  3. While our house is being tore apart and remade, we are in an apartment. We've never lived in an apartment and we all feel strangely confined. We are beside a park, and there is a nice social area but still... We are definitely house people. 
  4. I signed up for a 15k trail race next weekend. I had my last long run before the race yesterday. I don't know how well I'll do, I'm not feeling super strong. My legs are achey and I'm dreading the cross-training I have to go do after I finish writing this. The race is in Altos de Campana which is a beautiful park that I've written about here. My goals are pretty much to not get lost, and to finish. We'll see how it goes.
  5. I turned 41. I had lunch with my husband at the cutest little crepe place. The girls wrote gushing letters to me (apparently I'm the best). It was nice.

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