Monday, April 2, 2012

April fools

looks like a refreshing glass of orange juice...
My husband doesn't come from a practical joking family, but in my family practical jokes are venerated. I know about pranks my grandfather did before I was born. Practical jokes are woven into family history; no gathering is complete without a prank or at least the retelling of a favourite past joke. My husband is an excellent sport, and though he my have found my family's love of jokes a little odd at first, I would say he has embraced it, and has been even been responsible for some pretty good gags of his own. So obviously we celebrate April Fools' Day in my house. It is not celebrated in Panama, so it is a family tradition. And one that probably seems a little strange to my girls' friends, but it's something we really look forward to every year. And this year was no exception.

I didn't do anything elaborate this year. Slippery toilet seats and door knobs were as far as I went. But the kids really went for it. My husband and I have standing date with the gym on Sunday morning. I left knowing that the house would be booby-trapped when I got back. There was a lot of shaving cream in the bathroom, and I was offered some very yucky orange juice when I came in and there were Cheerios in the shoes. But the best was the water that crashed down on my husband when he opened his closet. It was fantastic, the best April Fools' Day ever according to my daughters.

My family would be proud.


  1. Joyeux Poisson d'Avril! Sounds like you had fun, I sent Sam to a friend's house and avoided the pranks all together this year, but his memory will likely be long for next year to make up for it. Hugs to you all,

  2. Thanks for giving me some great ideas for next year.