Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I guess I'm getting into it...

We went to Casco Viejo on Saturday night to take in the Carols by Candlelight concert. We wandered around until we saw the crowd forming. Then we waited a long time because it started late. My kids got a little impatient, and I when I saw parents with smaller kids dealing with full on tantrums, I was grateful for my whiny big kids. But when the singing finally started the mood lifted. It was a very sweet event and the crowd was full of goodwill.

There seems to be a real appetite for cultural events like this. It was nice to see so many people out. The singing was good to. There are a couple of carols in Spanish that my girls love and it was fun to see them performed and hear them sung in a big crowd like that.
I guess all those Christmas songs put me in the mood. We put up our Christmas tree on Sunday. It's always a big deal because we only do it once every three years (the other two years we spend Christmas in Canada or Argentina). The kids have their last day of school tomorrow. And then the real craziness of December begins!

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