Friday, December 2, 2011

5 observations and chocolate ice cream

  1. December 1st brought sunshine. It feels like December; the sun is out and the breeze is blowing. Glorious.
  2. Perfume sick is the worst sick. Teaching a corporate class in a small conference room, I was felled by one woman's perfume. Certain perfumes have always bothered me but I've usually been able to leave (like at the cosmetic counter in a department store). But where could I go, I was in the middle of my class with cold sweats and that awful constant yawning. It was horrible and the last fifteen minutes were torture (I was sure I would vomit at any moment). Somehow I made it home and spent the rest of the day in bed with a blinding, crashing migraine. What do you do? Do you tell someone their perfume is making you sick?
  3. My daughter came home from school soaked. Yesterday was the anual murga (the wikipedia page is in Spanish but check out the audio clip to get an idea of what it sounds like) for the graduating class. They bring in a little band and spray water and dance and run around. It's pretty cool, big kids and little kids and teachers. The murga traditionally comes from carnavales but is a part of many celebrations in Panama (I've seen them at weddings and birthday parties). My daughter went to school in wet shoes this morning, but I'd think she'd say it was worth it.
  4. My christmas stuff is out. The tree can't be far behind.
  5. This a great video of Panama from Nat Geo. The song is The XX covering and remixing the Florence + the Machine song, You've Got the Love:

My kids weren't thrilled with my banana ice cream last week. So we are working on some old school chocolate ice cream this week.

We are using this recipe:
Easy Cocoa Ice Cream

* My ice cream is  little behind (I lost a day to migraine this week). The mix is currently chilling. I will add a picture tomorrow.

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  1. I love your obsesrvation posts and that ice cream recipe looks so easy! If I can find all of the ingredients I am definitely going to try it out!